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Premium transport, storage and logistics services for Healthcare vertical

Providing healthcare products is a big responsibility. We are specialist in providing logistics solutions to the healthcare industry. We have partners with many healthcare companies to organize logistics of all types, from factory floor to a patient’s front door, and we do it in the reliable, compliant way and that has made us an industry leader. We offer customize central or multi-hub warehouse solutions for shipping pharmaceutical products to the whole world for all product categories and temperature ranges. While our unified quality assurance processes guarantee the highest standards at any time.

At Invent Logistics, we ensure product quality, real-time track and trace capabilities to provide product traceability through the entire supply chain. We provide cold chain transportation secured by a special container. We provide just-in-time delivery of the products. Our customers include pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, drug store groups, medical device manufacturers, health authorities, health centers, hospital equipment companies and other healthcare providers. Our high-quality standards, and commitment to zero defects mean reliable, consistent services that ensure compliance with government agencies requirements.

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