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In order to manage and supervise import and export operations, IOR/ EOR are used. The IOR/EOR is officially recognized as the official party of an international shipment transaction by the governments. We provide hassle free IOR and EOR service. These essential IOR/EOR requirements are some of the keys to ensuring fast, smooth and reliable importing and exporting worldwide.

IOR and EOR are responsible for:
1. Filing specific declarations with various government agencies upon importation or exportation
2. Obtaining any licensing, certification and authorizations to export if required for a commodity; in many cases before exportation to the destination country location
3. Paying duty / taxes upon importation
4. Simplified shipment clearance process
5. IOR and EOR ensures faster, simpler and more reliable importing and exporting worldwide.

Importer of Record and Exporter of Record ensure compliance with all necessary regulations and statutes to deal with a new country. These services also enable customers to export warranty or replacement stock to other countries. With an extensive freight network worldwide, Invent Logistics can easily provide all these Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR assignments.

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