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Service parts logistics

Service parts logistics / spare parts logistics

Service part logistics is the process of moving goods from their typical final destination for the purpose of capturing value, or proper disposal.

The role of after sales business and spare part management is becoming increasingly vital. We can help to ensure stable, long-lasting cash flows and to establish firm customer relationships and customer loyalty.

Managing Reverse logistics is complex, especially in India. We expertize in providing modelling, solution and execution of last mile warehousing & distribution for After-market /Reverse supply chain.

Service parts logistics, especially in a vast and complex country like India, is a challenging venture which requires comprehensive network depth coupled with rigorous processes to meet key deliverables such as reduction in downtime and warranty costs, increase in parts turns, and seamless visibility across every link the chain In the case of managing spares for the Telecom Towers , ATM (Automated Teller Machine) industry/ PCs& Laptops , one pivotal task is to ensure that the order to resolution TAT (Turn Around Time), which demands time bound deliveries from the FSLs (Field Stocking Locations) to the Service engineers or delivery locations are executed strictly within the given time limits.

We can successfully implement the time bound delivery service to the customer for 2/4//6 Hr/Next Business Day SLA's, by the use of sprinters & a dedicated delivery mechanism. We can deploy “mobile vans” services as an effort to reduce the OTR (Order To Resolution) TAT.

This concept is unique wherein the vans would carry stock of critical and fast moving SKUs stationed in strategic locations inside the city, and would be a virtual mobile FSL that can fulfil requirements urgently. In a volatile and complex business environment, such efforts shorten the speed-to-market and consequently bring various end user benefits such as better service quality and enhanced customer experience.

Service parts logistics

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